Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp Installation in Tri-Cities, WA

Mobility is something that most people take for granted, but what happens when you or a loved one can’t get around the home as easily as they used to? T&C Ramps is here to help. We offer home wheelchair ramp installation and other services for homes in the Tri-Cities, WA, area, so give us a call today to get started.

Our Services

Our team of professionals specializes in improving safety and mobility for seniors living at home, or anyone in a wheelchair. We can manufacture and install a custom aluminum wheelchair ramp that leads right up to your front door. Aluminum is strong and durable, and it can easily be adjusted for any new needs you come across.

We can also install Bestbath showers in your bathroom for ease of use. These are wide and open, and most come with a bench for the user to sit down on. Plus, the showerhead is detachable so that you can easily wash your entire body without much movement.

Finally, T&C Ramps can help you with any of your decking needs. If you want to install a stylish deck that is accessible to everyone, we can handle the project from start to finish.

Our Information

We’re happy to provide a free, on-site consultation, and we’re sure you’ll love our products. See our gallery to check out our work and contact us today for whatever service you need.