Home Modifications

BestBath ShowersA home modification adapts a living space so that occupants can live safely, perform tasks better, and live independently, despite their physical limitations. This can be as simple as adding a grab bar in the bathroom or can involve extensive structural changes, like replacing a stairway with a wheelchair ramp. Whether it is an elderly person or for someone who has become disabled.

Elder people are often in particular need of home modifications. The majority of seniors live in homes that were built long before architects and builders thought about designing spaces that are accessible and livable for everyone. Stairs and narrow doorways might have worked when a homeowner was 30 but, at age 80, those things can pose a hazard. Problematic house design can force many elder homeowners to leave their homes — due to the danger of falling in the shower or bathtub, difficulty preparing meals when cabinets are out of reach, or inability to take the stairs to get to a bedroom on the second floor.

When planned and carried out properly, home modifications can meet the particular needs of an older or disables occupant so that they can continue to perform the tasks necessary to caring for themselves and 

safely navigating their home. 

Here are a list of items that may need attention in your home:

  • Widening Doorways and Hallways – to accommodate for wheelchairs and walkers
  • Wheelchair Ramps – for persons unable to manage stairways. 
  • Walk in Tubs – seated bathtubs, sometimes wheelchair accessible. 
  • Transfer Benches – also called showering benches or transfer chairs, these enable individuals to get in and out of showers, tubs and wheelchairs with little or no assistance.
  • Traction or Non-Skid Strips – installed most commonly in bathrooms but also anywhere a floor is hazardous or slippery including kitchens and staircases.
  • Stair Lifts – also called Stair Glides or Lift Chairs.  
  • Smoothing Floor Surfaces – removal of molding, carpeting and anything on the floor which limits the mobility of a wheelchair
  • Grab Bars and Rails – in bathrooms and hallways assist persons in preventing falls and improving mobility

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