Bestbath Showers

Having the right shower and bath that provides style, comfort, and safety is something every person seeks. For those who require support or enhanced accessibility, there are often poor designs or excessive installation fees from those wishing to capitalize on people with medical needs.

At T&C Ramps we’re interested in providing our community with Bestbath showers that fit a budget and further enhance accessibility as well as safety in their homes, with a look that fits your style.

Bestbath Showers.

why Bestbath Showers?

Why Bestbath?

We install Bestbath shower systems because we only offer the best to our customers and quality means more to us than turning a quick buck. Bestbath showers set the standard in the industry for safety, durability, accessibility and beauty. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility produces tubs, grab bars, shower seats, and walk-in bathtubs. The quality of their overall catalog of products is why we’ve aligned ourselves with their accessibility bathrooms.

Like T&C Ramps, Bestbath showers succeeds in being a one-stop shop for accessibility needs. While we focus on quality installation, they focus on quality bathrooms for people in need of further assistance in their homes. Bestbath works closely with architects, homeowners and commercial project developers to ensure their designs provide both function and value while ensuring modification to change as a person’s needs and abilities do.

Importance of having the Bestbath Showers & Tubs

No matter someone’s abilities or needs throughout their adulthood, taking a bath or shower shouldn’t have to be a chore or an inhibiting experience. Your home should be a place of convenience that suits you, rather than you trying to suit your home. It’s for those reasons that anyone needing enhanced accessibility in their bathroom should pursue having a Bestbath shower installed. 

Having a walk-in tub, shower seat, or grab bars in your shower isn’t a feature exclusive to hospitals or universities. Anyone with unique accessibility needs deserves to have them met in their home. Our contractors take pride in their work as it allows more in our community to have safety and dignity in their homes. 

Items like grab bars, seats, and Bestbath showers help:

  • prevent slips and falls
  • increase movement
  • allow greater accessibility
  • save costs on adding features

80% of people over the age of 65 have slip and fall incidents in the bathroom and those with mobility issues run as much as of risk going over the wall of a tub or showering without support. Installing a Bestbath shower saves more money than modifying existing showers and tubs while also allowing you to modify both as your abilities and needs change.

Importance of having the Bestbath Showers & Tubs.

T&C and Your Bestbath

At T&C Ramps, we’re a customer-centered business and install Bestbath showers and tubs to better our neighbor’s lives in the community. We work as if you’re a family or a long-time friend, and that attitude towards our customers has allowed us to be a top-rated company on HomeAdvisor as well as being awarded the Elite Service status.

If you’re wanting to enhance the accessibility of your bathroom, we invite you to schedule an appointment here:

Enjoying your home, no matter which room, shouldn’t be prevented by your mobility limitations. We are the one-stop shop for accessibility, whether that’s a custom Bestbath shower, pergola, deck, or aluminum modular ramp. We make your home possess the ease you deserve.

We look forward to working with you. If you have any questions, please give us a call: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM